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Canada is known for its tolerance, respect of human rights, and social justice. Internationally, Canada has a strong record of standing against discrimination and injustice. A respect for human rights and personal freedom is deeply held, and both are constitutionally enshrined in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
With a rich history of immigration, Canada is an extremely plural, multicultural society. Canada always needs the skills, talents and enthusiasm of newcomers to continue to grow.

Today, Canada is home to immigrants from all over the world, and it continues to attract people from all over the world who want to migrate to Canada and live there.
Immigrants are attracted to this beautiful country as it promises stability, prosperity and peace.

For several years now, Canada has been accepting around quarter of a million new Permanent Residents each year.

For people with skills, work experience and a good standard of English or French, qualifying for residence is not a huge barrier.

Once accepted, you can take pleasure from the fact that you will be free to live permanently in a country consistently rated by the UN as the world's best country to live in.

Furthermore, Canada is the world's second biggest country, rich in natural resources.

Despite the abundance of natural wealth, real estate in Canada is cheap compared with other developed countries.

Add to this the fact that Canada's 32 million residents enjoy virtually unlimited recreational opportunites and you might be forgiven for thinking you have found paradise.

Unfortunately, for many migrants, Canada has been less than paradise. The Canadian government is aware that many migrants have struggled economically in Canada and it is now striving to improve migrant-outcomes.

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